7 Reasons Your Business Needs an ATM Machine

7 Reasons Your Business Needs an ATM Machine

The acronym ATM stands for automated teller machine. People will frequently enter a business and ask if there is an ATM machine, and being able to answer yes will reap great benefits. Whether you run a restaurant, laundromat, parking facility, gas station, or any other type of business, you need some way for people to access cash for small purchases. ATMs enhance your business in the following ways:

Facilitate Tipping

Although people may tip using their credit card, many patrons prefer to tip in cash so that their server sees it right away. Some business owners deduct merchant fees from server tips first. Tipping with cash allows servers to keep the entire amount.

Reduce Staffing Needs

Instead of spending time making change, your staff rings up customers, stocks shelves, and ensures the place stays clean and tidy. Serving more customers with fewer staff increases profits.

Draw Traffic to Your Door

When you have an ATM, the customers from businesses down the street wind up at your door instead. As long as your prices, product selection, and quality of goods meet or exceed the other businesses, that foot traffic leads to more purchases. Track the items customers purchase after visiting your ATM and restock them as frequently as you service your ATM.

Confirm Sufficient Funds and Reduce Merchant Fees

ATM machines allow customers to check their balance before making a purchase. Verifying their balance using the ATM increases your sales and reduces merchant fees.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers want what they want when they want it. If they have no access to cash, such as at a flea market, parking facility, or food truck, they will walk away disappointed or angry. With your onsite ATM, they can get what they want and walk away satisfied.

Capture Impulse Sales

Customers often see something as they leave, and often hesitate to make another charge. Instead, if you have an ATM, they will make those impulse purchases.

ATM Transaction Revenue

You make a small fee every time someone uses your ATM. These small fees help increase your profit margin and boost your bottom line.

In conclusion, ATM machines in your business increase customer and staff satisfaction and while also bringing you bigger profits. Take advantage of these benefits and look into installing one today! Contact (877) 931-1404 x 5 to talk to someone with more information.

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