Country Clubs & Recreation

LexgiaPOS is customized for Country Clubs and Recreation Centers and serves as a versatile tool designed to optimize transactions and streamline operations within these leisure-oriented establishments. Tailored functionalities encompass membership management, activity reservations, and specialized reporting, ensuring seamless experiences for both staff and patrons. 


  • Offline Functionality

  • Point of Sale

  • Loyalty

  • Customer Display Systems

  • Kiosk

  • Kitchen Display Systems

  • Central Kitchen and Warehousing

  • Online Reservations and Waitlist

Our extensive range of solutions, from seamless Point of Sale transactions to captivating Customer Display Systems, guarantees a customer-centric experience, with a dedicated focus on providing members and visitors with effortless and efficient interactions. These tailored POS systems are crafted to elevate customer satisfaction by streamlining membership management, activity bookings, and retail purchases, all while maximizing operational efficiency.



  • Online Ordering

  • Driver Management

  • Alerts, Caller ID

  • Call Center Assistance

  • Scheduling

Establish seamless communication between your business location, remote staff members, and customers using LexgiaPOS's versatile communication applications. Dispatch immediate SMS text notifications for any type of information you prefer, all from a unified platform. Simplify employee scheduling with built-in staffing tools that keeps everyone informed, reducing the time you need to spend creating and answering questions about schedules. With LexgiaPOS, rest assured that your team and customers are consistently informed and never left in the dark.

Inventory & Payment

  • Inventories

  • Payroll

  • QR Pay

Effortlessly manage your inventory and receive timely restocking alerts with our seamlessly integrated inventory software, tailored for country clubs. With LexgiaPOS, you and your team will stay consistently informed, ensuring you never run out of essential items. Prioritize safety and security for your members by offering a wide range of payment methods, all with transparent pricing. LexgiaPOS provides both traditional and contactless payment options for added convenience and safety at your country club or recreation center. 



  • Customize your dream system with options including iOS, Android, Windows, Web applications.

  • Tablets, terminals, handhelds, card readers displays and more, all built with restaurant staff in mind.

  • Affordability and flexible pricing plans

Utilize a reliable system to help you manage your Country Club and Recreation Center and optimize efficiency. LexgiaPOS will play a large role in ensuring a smooth and steady flow of operations within your business.  

SpotOn recognizes that country clubs and recreation centers have unique demands for POS, which is why we included specialty features such as rentals and house accounts. Additionally, SpotOn POS provides comprehensive functionality for counter service, delivery and takeout, table service, small gift shops, and much more. You can even alert patrons on their mobile device when an order is ready for pickup. 

Can you afford downtime?

SpotOn Point-of-Sale is built to keep you running. Manufactured with cloud technology, you can access your POS system anytime, anywhere. Every installation also includes a Meraki backup router to ensure your POS is operational even when the internet goes down. The SpotOn solution is designed to keep your restaurant or bar running without interruption, with options like online gift cards to keep revenue flowing even when you are closed.

Integrated Online Ordering

Transform your menu into an online experience, integrated directly with our POS. Allow your customers to place orders with ease, never with any additional fees to you. Online prices update seamlessly when you update your prices on your POS, saving you time and frustration.


Loyalty and gift cards

Keep track of loyalty points and create on-demand gift cards that can be used at one or multiple stores. SpotOn also supports selling digital gift cards online through your website.

Mobile dashboard and reporting

With SpotOn Mobile Dashboard and Mobile Reporting your information is reported directly from your store to your device. Internet-enabled, real-time reporting is accessible from multiple locations with any smartphone or tablet.

Table-side (Handheld) ordering

Increase table turns. Reduce labor costs. SpotOn is ideal for servers, cocktail wait staff, host staff, management, and anyone else benefiting from table-side mobility.

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