Deli’s & Cafeterias

Lexgia Point of Sale System is a distinguished, entirely cloud-based operational platform, recognized for its excellence. It is expertly designed to support you in efficiently overseeing all facets of your deli and cafeteria operations with convenience and efficiency.


  • Offline Functionality

  • Point of Sale

  • Loyalty

  • Customer Display Systems

  • Kiosk

  • Kitchen Display Systems

  • Central Kitchen and Warehousing

  • Online Reservations and Waitlist

Experience a smooth flow of Point of Sale transactions and captivating Customer Display Systems with our extensive range of solutions, guaranteeing a customer-centered and efficient experience. Empower your patrons through interactive Kiosks, foster loyalty with a tailored Loyalty Program, and enhance kitchen productivity with Kitchen Display Systems.

LexgiaPOS Schedules


  • Online Ordering

  • Driver Management

  • Alerts, Caller ID

  • Call Center Assistance

  • Scheduling

Facilitate communication between your business location, remote staff members, and customers using Lexgia POS’ diverse communication tools. Dispatch instant SMS text notifications for any type of information you select, all conveniently centralized. Simplify employee scheduling with built-in staffing tools that keeps everyone informed, reducing the time you need to spend creating and answering questions about schedules. With LexgiaPOS, rest assured that your team and customers are always well-informed and never left in the dark.

Inventory & Payment

  • Inventories

  • Payroll

  • QR Pay

Effortlessly monitor your inventory and stay informed about restocking needs through our seamlessly integrated inventory software. With LexgiaPOS, you and your team will always be up-to-date, ensuring you never run out of crucial items or ingredients. Prioritize safety and security for your customers by accepting a diverse range of payment methods, all with transparent pricing. Choose from both traditional and contactless payment options provided by LexgiaPOS for added convenience and safety.



  • Customize your dream system with options including iOS, Android, Windows, Web applications.

  • Tablets, terminals, handhelds, card readers displays and more, all built with restaurant staff in mind.

  • Affordability and flexible pricing plans

  • Tech Support

Utilize a reliable system to help you manage your deli or cafeteria and optimize efficiency. Lexgia POS will play a large role in ensuring a smooth and steady flow of operations within your business.

Thrive POS combines the best of purpose-built delivery and takeout systems with comprehensive POS functionality to effectively manage your deli or cafeteria. Let Thrive POS empower your business growth.

Delivery Mapping

With delivery mapping your drivers will have the most efficient routes at their fingertips. Faster delivery means less time wasted and more sales per shift.


Online Ordering Integration

Online Ordering instantly transforms your POS configuration into an online ordering system. Real-time menu changes. No additional transaction fees.

Delivery Boundaries

Thrive Point of Sale for delis and cafeterias allows you to set delivery boundaries with an upcharge delivery fee. Keep your delivery fees consistent every time with this automated feature.


Customer Lookup

Reduce your time on the phone taking orders with Customer Lookup. Simply validate the call-back number that is attached to the order. Be a customer service stand-out: learn repeat guests’ numbers and address them by name when answering the phone.

Counter Service

Special features for counter service allows you to run your quick service business with greater flexibility and control.

Thrive Loyalty

Loyalty and gift card

Keep track of loyalty points and create on-demand gift cards that can be used at one or multiple stores.

Thrive Point Of Sale is loaded with features that help you to run your deli or cafeteria with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

System Modes

Takeout and delivery

Table service


Delivery mapping

Address auto-fill

Delivery boundaries with upcharge delivery fee

Driver management console


Kitchen display integration

Line busting solutions

Table tent assignment


Mobile dashboard and reporting

...Even More

Online ordering integration

Recurring orders & last order recall

Kiosk ordering

Mobile ordering

Label printer integration

Some features above may require additional hardware or software.


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SoftTouch scale integration and embedded-price bar codes are must-have solutions for delicatessens and cafeterias. Stock counts and item countdown help manage basic inventory, while an optional inventory management integration is available for more demanding accounting requirements.


Loyalty and gift card

Keep track of loyalty points and create on-demand gift cards that can be used at one or multiple stores.

Scale integration

Getting the proportions right each and every time is critical to maintaining low food costs as well as consistency. Expand the functionality of the SoftTouch POS system with an integrated scale.

Counter service

Counter service POS functionality gives you that much more flexibility to run your deli or cafeteria your way.

SoftTouch POS is loaded with features that help you to run your deli or cafeteria with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.


Mobile dashboard and reporting

Cash management

Employee scheduling

Customer experience

Loyalty and gift card

Mobile ordering

Kiosk ordering

Customer facing display


Counter service

Table service

Takeout & delivery

Some features above may require additional hardware or software.

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