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Are Business Peak Hours Resulting in Dropped Calls???

No Problem!

The business world is fast-paced and ever-changing. In the chaos of keeping up with the flow of your industry, it can be difficult to anticipate peaks in your business. Lack of preparation for those peaks often results in missed or dropped phone calls, and ultimately lost revenue.

BOSTON NORTH COMPANY proudly introduces LexgiaPHONE


An Innovative Solution Featuring Seamless Operations

At BOSTON NORTH COMPANY, we bring you an innovative solution: LexgiaPHONE. Fully prepared to assist you in handling your business peaks, LexgiaPHONE is equipped with a Visual Performance Suite and Operations Performance Suite that provides you and your staff with numerous supportive features.


Traditional landline phone systems will simply give your customers a busy signal during times of peak call volumes, such as weekends and times surrounding large local events. This could make up as much as 60% of your weekly revenue, but it is lost due to customers dropping calls after a lengthy busy signal.


Get Efficient Call Management with LexgiaPHONE

LexgiaPHONE is designed to manage high call volumes effectively. Capturing and queuing every call, the system orders them to ensure minimal wait times for each customer and alerts your staff for all incoming calls. You and your team can now take calls at a steady and organized pace. Never miss another call and maximize your revenue.


Avoiding downtime is vital for business, and LexgiaPHONE was created with that in mind. With several levels of network resiliency and wireless backup solutions, rest assured that the system will never go offline. Experience complete reliability even through internet or power outages, resulting in unabridged business continuity.


A struggling staff member can affect the rest of the team and your revenue. The LexgiaPHONE Visual Performance Suite includes Wallboard, a display that provides real-time key performance indicators. Staff members and their supervisors can track their progress and make changes as needed, such as additional training or staff members sharing the workload.

See first-hand experience on how the LexgiaPHONE system can change YOUR business.


Real-Time Insights

Fully integrated into the Visual Performance Suite is a Management Portal that lets you have control over your entire business in one centralized place, whether your business has a single location or several. Get current and historical reports for any of your business locations at any time. Improve executive control and rapid troubleshooting.

The LexgiaPHONE Operations Performance Suite allows you to track crucial analytics within your business, such as health and safety regulations. Allow the system to ensure the well-being of your employees and customers and let your focus remain on growing your franchise.

Boost Promotions and Online Ordering

LexgiaPHONE can provide your customers with daily specials & promotions or even direct customers to online ordering by sending a text message to their cell phone number. Let our phone system do the heavy lifting while you and your staff give your attention to valued customers. The system's wireless solutions and network resiliency, along with our attentive, honest, and personable support team, will ensure that your operation will flow smoothly. Run an organized and efficient business with the help of LexgiaPHONE. Experience the difference today!