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Thrive POS

Thrive POS

Technology to Beat the Big Guys!

You don’t need a Big 3 budget to even the playing field. Thrive provides the independent pizza restaurant the ability to leverage the same advanced technology at an affordable price. Your product is already superior, you just need the right tools to lead you to victory.

Online + Mobile Ordering customized to your business (and your superior menu) 

Loyalty Marketing that rewards customers new and old with every pie 

Reporting that gets the special needs of a pizza POS system 

Payment processing that won’t break the bank 


Not Your Average Pizza Point-of-Sale!

Features that Grow with Your Business

Thrive Point-of-Sale is a solution designed exclusively for Pizzerias, Quick Service Restaurants and Delivery establishments to simplify the ordering process. Packed with features like built in Online Ordering, Delivery Mapping, Customer Lookup & Fractional Ordering, Thrive makes it easier than ever to get customized orders right every time.

Increase visits, sales and customer loyalty with a custom mobile app for your restaurant.

Customized Orders

Your customers are picky. Get their order right with easy order customization. Our order process makes sure nothing is forgotten, while easy modifier & fractional orders mean complex orders are right the first time.

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There’s an App for That – DR!VE!

Keep your drivers on track with the mobile app that’s made just for them.

Drive App

View details about assigned orders

Check in at arrival, so you’ll know exactly when the order was delivered

Capture customer signature and credit tips

Back at the restaurant, view all your driver locations at all times

Delivery is Serious Business

When you’re sending product and money out the door, you need technology that takes delivery seriously. For Thrive, delivery is not a module that was just casually bolted on. We serve delivery restaurants as our core business – and built Thr!ve from scratch around their needs.


Dictate valid delivery areas, delivery fees, valid times, minimum order requirements – even ban trouble customers from future deliveries.

Top-notch security & control over drops, runs, and who takes what delivery when.

Track driver mileage for every run, and calculate driver payments accurately every time.

Powerful payment processing options that allow for easy future orders, revised orders, and online orders that you can modify at the store.

Complete accountability for cash, credit, tips and coupons with an easy checkout process.

Compare performance with extensive driver reports.

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A Winning Campaign

Those “Buy 10 Get 1 Free” punch card type loyalty programs are so last century! But many so-called modern programs have put a high tech gloss on the same old concept. Thrive Loyalty is different – because it not only rewards your customers, it adds flexible marketing automation tools that are the key to reminding customers about your amazing restaurant. Here’s just a few ways you can automatically trigger communications – via email, text or mobile notification – to your loyal customers:

Welcome to the Program

Points Earned

$ Spent

# of Times Visited




Haven’t Visited in So Long

Near a Reward

Lifetime Spend

Customer Rear Displays

Provide your customer’s with a great experience with customer rear displays. Not only will your customers be able to see their total and add tips, but you can market specials and offer them different receipt options


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Online Ordering

Unlimited online ordering with no fees per order. Coupons and suggestive selling help promote sales

Personalized Mobile App

Brand a mobile app that your customers can download and place orders from

Third Party Integrations

Thrive has partnered with elite technology experts to offer integrations that work hand and hand with your POS, including Deliverect


Thrive offers a marketing and loyalty program which positions your business for repeat business due to loyalty rewards, broadcast emails and texts

Reporting & Analytics

Robust and extensive reporting options with customizable views that you can access anywhere

Drive App


An app built especially for delivery drivers allowing them to manage their orders, deliveries and payments through their smart phone while allowing restaurant staff to see where the drivers are and plan ahead

Stock Countdown

Automatically 86 menu items when inventory runs out based on stuck countdown which places menu items out of stock when the last item is ordered either online or in store

Gift/Loyalty & Online Gift Cards

Generate new and repeating business with customized gift cards and the ability to sell online