Which Restaurant POS Is Right for Your Business?

Which Restaurant POS Is Right for Your Business?

There are several types of restaurant POS systems for restaurants that track inventory and allow customers to order food and pick it up or dine in. Some offer complex programs that can add marketing and customer loyalty tracking to the services you offer. When deciding on the best one, look for ease of use, cost, the location of the system, and what special hardware or software it needs. Here’s a look into the different options to help you decide which is right for your business.

In-Store POS Systems

In restaurants, the POS system is often connected wirelessly and can be located at the checkout counter or a tablet attached to a stand. They often come with a card scanner, barcode reader, and cash drawer. They take orders and track inventory and supplies. These systems are stationary and often benefit fast-casual restaurants, fast food, or grocery stores with restaurants or sit-down food areas.

Kiosk POS and Mobile POS Systems

Kiosk POS systems are stands that let customers check out and purchase their own food. Customers can scan, order, and pay for their food and beverages. They often provide sales and management tools and are connected by Wi-Fi. They have a card reader and touch screen and are suited to fast food restaurants, food courts, and supermarkets with restaurants and food areas.

Mobile POS systems allow customers to make payments using cell phones and other devices. They require a phone, card reader, and wireless connection. They are especially useful for food trucks or for restaurants that attend conventions and festivals. Some come with a permanent stand, and they’re a good choice for most restaurants.

All-In-One Systems

All-in-one restaurant POS systems are designed for medium to large restaurants and can do several different tasks. They have a countertop and card reader and may be located at the cash register or in more than one location. They allow the restaurant to take orders, accept payments, and manage staff with a device that fits into your hand. Some programs allow you to run loyalty programs and validate gift cards. The program can be customized to the restaurant and allows staff to focus on customer service.

Omnichannel POS Systems

Omnichannel POS systems help you connect customer service to back-end operations. They provide ordering, customer service, payment, stock management, and employee management by connecting and synchronizing all data. They’ll help you reach more customers, increase staff satisfaction, and provide customers with a better experience. According to Webinar Care, over 59% of retailers focused on Omnichannel POS as a priority in 2020, and 52% wanted to improve their system the same year. It’s designed for medium and large high-volume restaurants.

When you decide on a restaurant POS system, you should consider the size of your restaurant, how compatible it is with your current setup, what service you want it to provide, and the amount of money you must spend on it. These are factors that’ll help you find the best POS system for you. Get in touch with us at BOSTON NORTH COMPANY today to get started!

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