The Art of the Checkout Line

The Art of the Checkout Line

In this day and age, it’s incredibly important for stores to give their customers as comfortable and efficient an experience as possible. Why? Because people have more choices now than they ever have before. There is no longer a strict need to go to the store in order to buy what you want. Instead, shoppers can easily visit websites like Amazon in order to have their desired items delivered directly to their houses. While this has long been true for consumer goods like gifts and clothes, it’s now true for basic groceries as well. Apps such as Instacart have transformed the shopping experience, allowing customers to have groceries picked up by another individual and delivered to their door.

Though this isn’t necessarily a harbinger of doom for stores, it does make them less prioritized than they once were. Additionally, many shoppers are just now returning to their normal shopping habits following the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the best way to reassure them that they can and should shop in-store again is to take a look at the art of the checkout line.

Why Do Shoppers Hate Waiting in Checkout Lines?

Shoppers hate waiting in checkout lines because they simply don’t have enough time in the day for it. Many shoppers today work full-time jobs. They’re often getting their shopping done on their lunch breaks, or they’re doing so after work and just want to rush home as quickly as possible.

It’s also incredibly important for income that the cashiers get customers through the checkout line as quickly as possible. The faster customers get through the line, the more money can be made. It’s estimated by 70% of retailers by TimeTrade that cashiers have about five minutes to get customers through checkout lines.

How Can We Improve Checkout Lines?

The key to improving checkout lines could lie in improved processing options that are built in POS systems. In particular, utilizing Apple Pay through SpotOn Point of Sale could make all the difference. SpotOn require less training, offers faster service, and reduces the errors made by cashiers. Therefore, the cashiers will have an easier time getting through to customers, and customers will be happier with the options, efficiency and accuracy of the experience.

Look into updating your store with SpotOn POS systems. It could transform your checkout line, and in turn, the profit your store will increase. Contact us today for more information at (877) 931-1404 x 1.

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