Gift Cards / Loyalty

Pre-designed and custom card packages available

Tracking and reporting available online to merchants and consumers

Supports multiple locations/franchises to share same card with Pooling account

Also supports: Merchandise retail credits, refunds, rebates, employee incentives

Promote your Business, Boost Sales, and Make Gift Giving Convenient!


Are you searching for ways to build customer loyalty? Offering your customers the option to buy gift cards for friends, families, employees or co-workers is a great way to expand the range of your business. When you sell custom gift cards, you’re selling your business! Increase cash flow, consumer spending, and encourage repeat visits with our gift card solutions.


We have several pre-designed gift cards to choose from which we can customize with your company name and phone number. We also can design a custom gift card which would include your logo, business name, address, phone number, and web address for a one-time $95 additional fee.


Built-In Trust Factor


When a person buys your gift card and gives it to someone they know, what they’re saying is, “We like this business and trust them.” Gift card recipients become repeat customers, offering you the ability to increase your customer base, and gift card users feel empowered by the ability to purchase what they want, when they want.

NEW! Get a Quote on Custom Gift Cards!

Order your custom gift cards from BOSTON NORTH COMPANY. Simply upload your logo and we will design custom artwork to be featured on your new gift cards. Contact with any questions.

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Gift Cards for Birthdays

Custom gift cards make a great gifts any time of year for any occasion. Provide your customers the convenience of finding the perfect gift for their special event.

Unlock New Revenue Streams: Sell Gift Cards Online!


Elevate your business with our seamless eCommerce solution designed for selling gift cards and eCertificates directly from your website. Our customizable online shopping cart seamlessly integrates with your existing site, empowering customers to purchase gift cards from your business 24/7, anywhere in the world.


Maximize Profits with Minimal Effort


Digital gift cards are leading the market's growth, presenting a golden opportunity to boost your revenue effortlessly. Dive into the world of online gift card sales without burdening your staff. It's the perfect time to seize this additional revenue stream and enhance your customer experience.


Global Accessibility: Enable customers to buy gift cards anytime, anywhere, expanding your reach and sales potential.

Customized Shopping Cart: Effortlessly integrate our personalized shopping cart into your website, providing a smooth and branded customer experience.

Physical and Digital Options: Offer both physical and digital gift cards, capitalizing on the rapidly growing trend of digital gift card sales.

Personalization: Add a special touch with personalized messages and the option for physical card fulfillment.


Why Choose Our Online Gift Card Platform?


Purchase: Customers buy physical or digital gift cards through your website.

Fulfillment: Our efficient fulfillment center takes charge, managing  physical card inventory, activating, and dispatching physical cards to customers.

eCertificates: Automatically fulfill eCertificates through a digital code sent to the customer's email during checkout, offering versatile redemption options.


Embrace the future of retail by offering a convenient and accessible way for customers to connect with your brand. Start selling gift cards online effortlessly and watch your profits soar!

*Note that online redemption is dependent upon which POS system is in use.